Xbox One Initial Review

by sunil ravulapalli /3. December 2013 09:20 /games /Comments (0)

I got lucky getting the Xbox One at midnight on release night. I've been using it for almost  two weeks now and I am mostly happy with the purchase.


Nothing much to say here. It is pretty big but I don't think it is ugly to look at. In fact, the new buttons kind of have a futuristic feel to it.

Software OS:

The OS looks beautiful. Mostly, fluid and fast, but occasionally slows down for a few seconds but recovers its' fluidity.

Market Place:

The market place looks a little sparse. But it has YouTube and Netflix, so good enough for me. The Netflix app looks like the one on windows 8. I am not a fan of the YouTube app. The one on Xbox 360 is better. 


The only game I played on it Call of duty: Ghosts. It looks the same as the one on the Xbox 360.


I did plug in my cable box into the Xbox One. It is a decent experience. The voice commands like "Xbox One guide" or "Xbox Watch CBS" work nicely. But if you just want to scroll through the guide to find something interesting to watch you need to pick up the controller. I wish they made a remote which I can operate with a single hand.



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