Nokia Lumia 1520 Initial review

by sunil ravulapalli /5. April 2014 06:26 /other /Comments (0)


Nokia lumia is simply six inches of goodness. The HD screen is amazing. I am not sure if it will dull down with age, but out of the box it is just begs you keep looking at it. Windows Phone OS is now quiet a mature OS, it usually performs well on even low end devices, but on this quad core 2.2 Ghz machine it is just treat. I am quite happy with the  OS and looking forward to the 8.1 upgrade. I did have a little bit of an issue getting the google contacts on to my phone, I am not sure if this really is a wide spread issue or it was just me.

Although Nokia is supposed to be a hardcore phone company which knows everything about building phones. I had a couple of issues with my previous phone, the Lumia 920. When I did a phone reset it just took forever along with multiple tries to reset the phone to its initial state. The second issue was at some point the camera on phone became permanently blurry. May be it was my fault, I may have dropped it once or twice, but it was still very annoying and couldn't find fix for it. I just held out and waited for my contract to expire to get the new phone.

Anyways, I am enjoying my new phone and Nokia did an amazing job with it.

Although, they are major apps, I would love to see vonage, fitbit apps on the windows phone and my life will be complete.

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