My Digital Data With SkyDrive

by sunil ravulapalli /3. August 2013 01:17 /other /Comments (0)

I already upload all my documents such as word files and pdfs to SkyDrive. It gave me the convenience of accessing them through the browser on any computer. But, recently I decided to push all my Pictures, Videos and Music to SkyDrive. So, I no longer use my local hard disk for anything except installing applications. All my data is in the cloud!

I have five major machines I use:
 1. Samsung Laptop
 2. Surface Pro
 3. Acer Iconia W3
 4. Nokia Lumia 900
 5. Xbox

I use my laptop and my Surface Pro a lot. So, I installed the SkyDrive Desktop app on my laptop and on my Surface. So all the files sync seamlessly between them. I don't have to think about them. The files are just there where ever I need them. I can also add my SkyDrive folders to the Libraries in Windows explorer. For example, I add the SkyDrive Pictures folder to the Pictures Library, SkyDrive Music folder to the Music library and the SkyDrive Videos folder to the Videos library. This enables Windows Apps such as Pictures, Music, and Videos aware of the content. You can then use these Apps to stream you Music or Video to the Xbox though the magic of Smart Glass, so everybody in front of the TV can enjoy it! Just open the Smart Glass App and it establishes connection with the Xbox on the same network. Then open up the Music/Video/Picture App, in the Charms menu you will see a Devices option. Just click on it and choose the Xbox and connect, your content will start steaming to the Xbox.

Of Course, this has nothing to do with SkyDrive, imagine you are on your Laptop in your bedroom, you saved a picture on the SkyDrive, you want to show it others on your TV, all you have to do it bust out the Surface which is lying in front of the TV, open up the Pictures App make it display on the TV using the Xbox.

On a the Acer tablet, the Nokia phone and the Xbox, I really don't access files that much, however, in case I need my files I can do it easily with the Windows/Xbox store app, which gets me the files on demand.

 The other benefits I foresee is that if I buy a new laptop in the future all my data will just come down once I install the SkyDrive desktop application. Although, I will still manually back up my laptop every month, once I get confident about the cloud, I am hoping I won't have to do any data backup in a few years. I am not really into the backup to an external drive on a schedule though some third party software thing. I like the cloud idea! If this really works, will we really need the Windows Media Server?

 Cost? Although the free storage of 25G (I have a 10 year old account) will suffice for now, I might have to pay in the future. If there real benefits of my data everywhere with any major effort becomes true, then I don't mind paying for SkyDrive.


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