MEI Series 2000 Bill Acceptor Goof

by sunil ravulapalli /2. April 2013 23:24 /kiosk /Comments (0)

I was recently trying to install a MEI Series 2000 Bill Acceptor on my machine for development with a kiosk software called Kioware. Initially I thought, I wasn't interfacing with Kioware correctly, turns out I did not hook MEI Series 2000 Bill Acceptor correctly.

I downloaded and installed on my development machine. Launched a desktop app called "MPOST .NET Demo in C# .NET". The Status in the App was "Disconnected". I tried the "Open" button but it did not work and threw some errors.

At this point I was sure I didn't hook up the MEI bill acceptor correctly and it had nothing to do with kioware.

Luckily, I got hold of the production machine in which the manufacturer hooked up the device to the computer. I installed on that machine and to my amazement when I hit the "Open" button, it actually connected!

Upon further investigation I saw that two things in the production machine.
1. The Red status light was blinking twice
2. All the "Bill acceptance switches" were in the off position.

While hooking up my development machine I read in the MEI manual that if the Red status light blinks twice it is supposed to be bad and I have to switch the 6th switch to the ON position. When I did that the Status actually went back to steady red which is supposed to be a good thing.

Turns out that actually messes things up. So on my development machine, I powered down the unit, turned all the switches to the off position. Re-powered it. Started the MPOST application and this time it connected. I tried Kiowares' demo HTML and it also worked.

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